To view Resources, copy and paste the Urls into the address bar. Waddle Dee Idle sprite was editted from this. Ripped by Deathbringer.

Normal and Sword Kirby Sprites ripped by Drshnaps as was Meta Knight, the Dyna Blade Backgrounds, the KSSU enemies, King Dedede, and Spring Breeze Backgrounds and foregrounds... but the site they came from has been shutdown, but same sheets were found here:

Dyna Blade Stage 1 ripped by Nonnie Grey

OW Card sprites are Nova Ozuka's, and the so is the Pixel Art for the most part. What wasn't made from scratch or traced came from the Kirby Squeak Squad Cutscenes ripped by someone who doesn't want credit, but you can find them on Spriter's Resource:

He also ripped the Whispy Woods sprites I'm using along with the Wheel Kirby Sprites, the Yo-Yo Kirby Sprites, and some Parasol Waddle Dee Sprites.

Also, credit goes to Geo the Fox for the edited effect that was used on the card in the Title pages. The FX are here: Jet Kirby Sprites ripped by OmegaKyogre: Ability Items ripped by The Herp Derpinator: