April 13th, 2017, 4:33 pm

Planned Updates [[REEDITED]]

So I finally decided to post a comic on Smackjeeves. First, the Cover and Banner. I'm not too fond of them as is, so I'm going to change them later on. They were just placeholders for the 'official' Cover and Banner.

Next, actual pages. There will be a new page on the last full week of the month, and another on May 1st. Obviously, I'm not doing Pixel Art for every panel, though I might still make some every so often if I feel like it, and then get to uploading character profiles tomorrow. Obviously, the only characters right now would just be Kirby and Umbra if you already read the page.

I'm not too sure when I'll start accepting cameos, but I will say that you should expect them eventually. Also, look forward to funny scenes from pages 4 and 5.

EDIT: Ignore that last line, I was off by a page. Instead 4 will set up for 5 while Page 6 will be the other.

EDITEDIT: On second thought, screw the delayed updates. I'm updating now.

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